Amédée Bollée

Amédée-Ernest Bollée, is one of the pioneers of motorized locomotion in France. His first car, "l'Obéissante", was made in 1873. This was followed by "La Mancelle" in1878 and "La Nouvelle" in 1880, as well as other creations named "Marie Anne", "L'Avant-Courrière", "La Rapide", or " La Julia ".

Amédée Bollée

Amédée Bollée (1844-1917), This humble bell maker, was one of the first to build a car. The origins of the Bollée family are ancient. The first traces appear around 1715with the appearance of a family with that name, exploiter of a foundry of bells. At that time, the Bollée family was composed mainly of homeless people, who lived in chapels, churches, and cathedrals, where they melted and made the bells on request. For this, they dug wells and built ovens in the same place, since it was easier to make the bell on the site than to transport it from a foundry to its destination.

In 1838, the railways had undergone an enormous development, in such a way that the transport of the bells became much easier. This meant that the artisans of that sedentary profession could begin to take hold in a territory, and that was the choice of two members of the Bollée clan, who became smelters and bell makers as their grandfather had been. The first was called Jean-Baptiste-Amédée Bollée (1812-1912), which during the winter of 1838-1839 was installed in the town of Oucques. Later he moved to St-Jean de Bray, near Orléans. The second was called Ernest-Sylvain Bollée. The trajectory of creation of this hard brand from the year 1844 to 1917.

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