Carrocerías Capella

Carrocerías Capella was one of the few Spanish bodybuilders that survived the Civil War. Its beginnings date back to the mid-nineteenth century, and its activity lasted until 1959. During all those years it was able to adapt to the needs of the market, designing from the most beautiful convertible to the most versatile industrial vehicle.


As if it were a movie, this story begins with an unexpected discovery. It was the year 1990 when Juan Ramón Capella Hernández (1939-) found an old suitcase in the family home. His surprise was great when he opened it: it contained several hundred photographs of vehicles bodied by Carrocerías Capella, from a 19th-century tartan to the most spectacular sports car of the 1930s. With the help of his father, Fermín, he began to reconstruct the history of the family business, which for more than 150 years and four generations exercised the art of carriage.

Francisco Capella Riera (1834-1899), was born in the town of Esparraguera, province of Barcelona. The Capella family managed several inns and diligences of the line of posts of the Camino Real, one of which was the one that made the route from Molins de Rei to Esparraguera. At the age of eighteen Francisco decided that he himself would build the diligences to be used in the family business, and that is how in 1852 he founded "Carrosserie Francisco Capella" in the city of Barcelona. The first workshop was located on Gran Vía, between Aribau and Muntaner streets. Francisco Capella's fame as a builder quickly spread, and he received orders from third parties for the design and manufacture of various vehicles for transporting people and goods. Among others, the Barcelonian distributor of the vermouth Martini & Rossi, which had its headquarters in the Rambla de Catalunya, trusted in Capella the construction of the cars for the distribution of drinks.

Francisco Capella Riera died at the dawn of the development of the automotive industry. The existence of the company was assured since his son, Francisco CapellaVilanova would be his natural relay, and second-generation that continued with the business of the family.

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