The New Car Age

The automobile industry is now going through a dramatic change.  the Intelligent transport systems, a tool that connects people, vehicles and society, are rapidly leading to a new “car community”, with a particular focus on safety, reliability, comfort and the environment.

“Electrification” aim to the preservation of the environment
The advanced technology of the wiring harness, helping the hyperbolic use of electrification"

Eco-friendly electrified vehicles that operate while not fuel area unit increasing in variety. The world is paying a lot of attention to the EV (Electric Vehicle), which represents the new trend towards electrification. Cars that run on gasoline will not disappear all at once. However, the massive waves being caused by electrification have the potential to guide to alter within the industry, all the way down to its terrible foundations.

Some of Green Cars

 - Porsche Taycan

The New Car Age

The ultra-rapid charging capability that will see the Porsche accept up to 350 kW. That's what sets it apart from the rest.
Even though having a battery that will be around 100 kW, This means that the fast filling process will only take about 10-15 minutes at the appropriate charging point.

 - Mercedes Benz EQC

The New Car Age

CCS fast charging is confirmed at speeds up to 110 kW and a WLTP range of 250 miles, with plenty of performance for most drivers as well. The EQ badge will be worn on a number of models - already on the smart domain - but launched using the EQC. Given the popularity of SUVs and the rapidly growing EV market, it is a reasonable option for Mercedes, and it would be unusual as one of the few EVs capable of towing a van.

 - Polestar 1

The New Car Age

Polestar may be a new-ish name within the trade, moving from the athletics team to official Volvo standardization arm, to electric-only EV performance whole in only a number of years. Its launch model is Polestar1, that is an easy one in all the simplest trying cars set to arrive in 2019.
The good news is that it's represented as an EV supported by a petroleum engine. With everything on the song, the one can turn out 600hp and 1000 Nm of force, however, in less precipitous circumstances, it'll cowl quite ninety miles on one charge and might be driven as a range-extended model too.
Looking to bring electrical driving to the performance sector, the Polestar1 maybe a grand tourer which will be driven around for goodish time on electric-only power. It solely strengthens Volvo's name mutually of the foremost forward-thinking makers around.

- Volkswagen ID3

Will be available with 3 battery options including a 45 kW core class and a range of 330 km, a medium class of 58 kW and a 420 km range, and a 77 kW upper class and a range of 550 km per charge.
For the top two categories, there is a 201 hp electric rear-engine, while the standard version will bring a 147hp front-engine, where the ID.3 will have the same size as the current Volkswagen Golf with a slightly larger wheelbase.
The standard Volkswagen ID.3 2020 class will be charged with 50 kW with a 100 kW charging option, while the higher categories will support standard 100 kW charging, with the German manufacturer promising that 30-minute charging will be enough to drive 250 km, with higher-class charging support 125 kW.
it has begun receiving pre-booking requests for the first Edition limited launch version of ID.3 and has received 30,000 bookings so far, bringing these models with a 58 kW battery with the support of a navigation system and digital radio

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