Film tools for cars

Mirror Protective Film

when it's rain it will be hard to drive your car safely, the that your mirrors are completely wet, and can't see the road clearly. check below before and after photos

Film tools for cars

with this small tool, your rear view will be clear even it's rain.It can also be stick to your window glass to show you a clear view from that side.

Film tools for cars

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Matte Black car lamp

Matte Black car lamp film will give your car an elegant look.

Film tools for cars

Stretchable, removable. weather proof and water proof, resistant to solvents. also can stick anywhere
stylish, easy maintenance, and easy cleaning,

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Car Light Tint Film

Film tools for cars

  • Superior transparency(with 90% light transmission).
  • Easy to install, tough & durable, Non-color-fading
  • Top quality robust PVC film won't fade, chip, crack or peel.
  • Multicolor
  • Strong self-adhesive backing.
  • Removable without damaging your lights and no adhesive residue to clean up.
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Gold Film Car Sticker

Film tools for cars

PVC synthetic polymer film, stable and difficult to change molecular structure;
Adapt to each corner of the body.
Converting it to your favorite color is special.

The following instructions:

First: clean the part you want to stick with a damp cloth. And dry.

Two: during gluing, small starting part, slowly stretched and calibrated with hard cardboard,
If there are air bubbles, tear slowly and calibrate, the taillights hit the surface of the square,
Only after a little heat, there are strong elastic and curved surfaces that can be stretched.
Just need a little heated, there is a high ductility and can stretch.

Finally, just cut off the excess part of the limbs.

Removal method:

Turn off the lights and wait for the hull after cooling for a while.
Do not remove in cold weather or overheating.

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