SUV is women's favorite cars

Do you prefer to drive the SUV? You are not alone, most women love this type of car, and studies have shown that it is more sold among women than among men. You're wondering why? Here are some reasons according to these women:

The SUV is renowned for its large size and abundance, making it suitable for those looking for comfort. This is characterized by its height and therefore the height of its seats which gives the driver a better view of the roads any safer! What about the ability to pack? In the SUV cars in the right space to pack whatever you want... Comfort, safety and space? Are there other reasons why they're the most practical cars?

When you combine luxury with the ability to challenge the toughest roads, it makes driving a special charm, can you imagine the pleasure that such cars will bring you when you drive them on rough roads and are surrounded by a luxurious and safe interior at the same time?

Society has always viewed women as less capable than men, and as they enter the economic world and start working, women have broken the "incapable woman" and by driving the SUV in particular, women stand out as if in their car as a reflection of their bold personality.

You won't be able to drive safely with your children if you can't hold your car seat in it. If you're with more than one boy, you'll definitely need more than one chair, a feature that's more common in the SUV than any other car. As mentioned earlier, these cars have great breadth, no problem when it comes to loading your children's multiple items!

These are all women's arguments to justify their choice, knowing that after a regular car has these specifications as well, what will you choose?

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