Don't let CORONA stop you driven

If you have to go out and use your car in the midst of an outbreak of the CORONA virus, you should also disinfect it after your journey in order to protect yourself and everyone around you.

Don't let CORONA stop you driven

What are the dirtiest places in the car?

Germs are commonly found on touch-prone parts frequently, with frequently found on the steering wheel, car keys, seats, door handles, control buttons and touch screen, as well as inside the air conditioner, making it easier to contaminate your vehicle's air.

But how to cleanse these places? Here are four tips you should work out.

Don't let CORONA stop you driven

1. Clean the car from leftovers, as it is a fertile environment for the growth of bacteria (not viruses), and you can remove them with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Wash seats, other leather parts, and carpets with soap and water from time to time, which will not only eliminate germs and viruses but will also give the car a good smell.

Don't let CORONA stop you driven

3. There are viruses that are stronger and more widespread than others, and here comes the role of disinfectants that must be used on the exposed parts of the car compartment, especially those you frequently touch while driving.

4- Replacing or cleaning air conditioner filters because it is a fertile environment for germ growth, as these germs can spread inside the cabin after the air conditioner is turned on. You can use the owner's guide to learn how to remove the filter in your car.

In conclusion, we all advise you to try to avoid going out of the house in the coming period and follow the World Health Organization, instructions,

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