In this case, Corona would affect one billion person

Abdel Hafeez Bani, researcher and simplified for science, expected that the number of people infected with the new Corona virus (COVID-19) will reach one billion people in May of the current year in the world, outside China, if countries do not take strict measures, particularly restricting movement To round up this virus.

In this case, Corona would affect one billion person

The Moroccan researcher built his predictions using mathematical calculations, based on the number of injuries available until March 14, when he expected that injuries would rise from 75,788 to 130,000 on March 18, and this expectation had been achieved by a large percentage, as the number of cases recorded on this date reached 137.495 cases.

On the same day, Bani calculated new forecasts for the period between March 18 and 22 of the same month, where he expected the number of new infections of the Corona virus during this date to reach 220 thousand cases, and confirmed his prediction by a slight difference, as it recorded 254 thousand infections in the world outside China.

The prospect's calculations by the Moroccan researcher do not include China, because the strict measures that they have taken have greatly limited the spread of the virus, while many countries have failed to take the necessary seriousness with the epidemic, which led to its widespread.

Based on current international data on the prevalence of the virus, Abdel Hafeez Bani expects that the number of infections will reach one million on March 31, and to ten million on the tenth of April, and the number of infections will reach 100 million on May 4, according to his expectations, To reach one billion injuries in the twentieth of May.

These expectations, Bani says, are likely to be fulfilled if state governments do not take strict measures, foremost of which is restricting the movement of citizens and quarantine in homes, indicating in this framework that the main reason why the Corona epidemic is spreading in Italy is not to deal with it with the necessary seriousness.

Although Italy deliberately imposed quarantine throughout the country, this procedure, according to the Moroccan researcher, was very late, as the issue of the virus was the subject of political conflicts between Italian politicians, which delayed the process of blocking it and therefore spread quickly even after the imposition Quarantine, due to its transmission between family members in homes.

Bani warned against underestimating the seriousness of "COVID-19" and not taking it seriously, considering that this factor is the most serious reason for the outbreak of this virus, as happened in Italy, where it was treated lightly at the beginning, to the extent that a political leader went to a restaurant and photographed himself is skeptical of the presence of the virus, and Italy continues to pay a heavy price for its negligence, in terms of both human and material costs.

Buni said: "Although the world has become aware of the seriousness of the emerging coronavirus, the governments of some countries are still dealing with it with frightening leniency," noting that the number of infections was in the range of 75,000 infections since its spread to March 14, that is, during the period of 54 Days.

In just four days, during the period between 14 and 18 March, the number of cases of the virus increased almost twice, moving from 75 thousand cases to 137 thousand cases.

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